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Our Mission


To nurture every child entrusted to us in good faith are brought up with love and care so that they spread their wings and explore the world confidently.

To educate young people in ways that prepare them to be creative, dynamic and socially responsible citizens to face their future with confidence. To foster simple values of life in the child's education at all levels, including the promotion of rich Indian values.

Our Vision


"To relentlessly strive to create and implement newest and pragmatic ideas of education; to nurture an academically vibrant, creative, and ideal community; to keep students in a safe, supportive and conducive environment while focusing on a disciplined and holistic formation; to train them to be wise and principled leaders who can contribute to the world as just and responsible citizens."

Misty Sunbeams
Sunrise over the Wheat Field
Our Top Concerns

  • Highly qualified and experienced staff

  • Personal care and nourishment of ingenuity

  • Counseling facility for integrated growth

  • Hi-tech curriculum management

  • Efficacious parent teacher’s board

  • Calm and eco-friendly atmosphere

  • Well equipped library facility

  • Disciplined campus for excellent output

  • Advanced computer lab

  • Audio-visual lab and home theatre well equipped class rooms with Hi-tech facilities

Our Core Values

  • Faith in God

  • Quest for excellence

  • Responsive ethical behavior

  • Universal integrity

  • Eco-friendly

  • Social responsibility

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