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Admission to the school is restricted by certain policies of the management and by conditions of age, ability and conduct.


Transfer certificate will be issued only when the parent/guardian applies for it in the prescribed form after all the dues have been cleared in the office. The application should be given one month in advance. If the Head of the Institution finds any student’s performance unsatisfactory and orders withdrawal of such student, it is obligatory on the part of the parent/guardian to withdraw the student.

  • Regular attendance is insisted upon. No student should absent himself/herself from class without sufficient reason and prior permission.

  • Reasons for the absence must be clearly stated in the “Leave Record” of the hand book.

  • In case of serious illness, the Principal must be informed within five days with a Doctor’s certificate accompanied by the leave application from the parent/guardian.

  • Unauthorized absence for more than15 days renders a student liable to be removed from the rolls and the usually admission fee will be charged if he/she is to be readmitted.

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